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[RSM Weekly Update #14]: bulk mailing is live
Schools can now email all parents from Rise School Management. Learn more below.

[RSM Weekly Update#13]: bulk mailing is in the final stage of testing
Due to many requests from Schools, bulk mailing is being tested. Learn more details.

New additions to the Rise School Communicator
New exciting changes were made to the Rise School Communicator. Read on to find out more.

[RSM Weekly Update#11]: covering all the bases
See an update on the google spreadsheet integration in RSM and how it will empower schools to do less manual capturing.
Learn how RSM covers all the bases for schools.

[RSM Weekly Update#10]: an update on the bulk mailing development
Learn about the bulk mailing development in the Rise School Management, an all-in-one school management systems for schools.

[RSM Weekly Update#9]: an update on the Enrollment process
Learn about the Enrollment process development. Hear Dennegeur's PS feedback on the RSM system and training.

[RSM Weekly Update#8]: how to be Covid19-proof with the help of RSC
How Schools can get Covid19-proof with the Rise School Communicator.

[RSM Weekly Update #7]: Schools' savings with the Rise Communicator
Learn what our Schools have been trained on & feedback from the one who has joined the Rise School Communicator.

How Schools can save at least R11700 per year with Rise School Communicator
Schools can save at least R11700 per year with Rise School Communicator. Find out details

Treasurer from Windsor High School shares his feedback why their School chose Rise School Management
This is a detailed testimonial from one of our current customers, Windsor High School.
The school has finished onboarding onto RSM & currently undergoing the training.

[RSM Weekly Update#4 for Schools]: why learner data is important
Learn what our Schools are being trained on & why Learner Data is important for Schools.
Read detailed feedback of one of our schools that is currently undergoing training in RSM.

[RSM Weekly Update #3 for Schools]: 3 practical ways of improving communication with parents
Our RSM Weekly Update is dedicated to our current schools, their training in RSM & feedback from them
Also, learn 3 practical ways of effective communication with parents with Rise School Communicator.

[RSM Weekly Update for Principles & Bursars]: how schools can dramatically improve rapport with parents
Learn how Rise School Communicator helps schools to dramatically improve communication with parents.

Schools can fully use a cloud system, Rise School Management, even during a 21-day #lockdown
Thanks to the cloud technology, Schools can still fully use Rise School Management even during a 21-day #lockdown period,
when Schools are closed.

[A user-guide on Rise School Management]: how to match, split & approve transactions in the Bank Stream
Learn how to match, split & approve transactions in Rise School Management

[A user-guide]: how to set up bank stream in Rise School Management
Learn how to set up Bank Stream or upload manually your bank transactions in Rise School Management.

[A user-guide for Admin Module, part 3]: How Admin Staff & Educators can create News on mobile
School's Staff Members & Educators can create news items in seconds directly on their mobile - in Rise School Communicator.

[A user-guide for Admin Module, part 2]: How to track Attendance on mobile
Learn how to track attendance on mobile - on Rise School Communicator - for any of your classes.

[A user-guide for Admin Module, part 1]: How to create Incidents on mobile & desktop
Learn how to create Incidents on Mobile & Desktop in Rise School Management

Incident Management is live on Google Play Store & on the desktop
Incident Management on mobile & desktop is now live in Rise School Management.

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