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1C:Drive provides advanced customer relationship management features that help companies efficiently implement their customer acquisition and retention strategies.  

Customer Database

Customer Database

Keep all information about your customers including communication history in a single database. Keep records of phone calls, emails, meetings, orders, agreements in one place, and enjoy easy-to-use tools for keeping abreast of your customer relationships:

  • Sort customers by designated employees, sales regions and other attributes
  • Easily plan events like calls and emails in a friendly interface
  • Send bulk emails and sms
  • Check customer locations on Google maps
  • Send invoices and create orders right from customer entries
  • Use export and import features when handling Excel spreadsheets
Reporting tools will help you get information on customer base growth, sales dynamics, and other essential CRM indicators.

Sales Funnel Management

Analyze your sales efficiency to find and enhance growth areas. Get detailed information about:

  • number of orders on each sales stage
  • each stage time average
  • sum of orders
  • conversion percentage