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1C: ERP is an innovative enterprise resource planning solution. 1C specialists together with managers of large industrial companies created the software using the best international business automation practices.
1C: ERP is ideal for large manufacturing companies and big industry players.

1C: ERP offers:

  • Extensive ERP-level functionality;
  • Powerful and flexible platform 1C: Enterprise supporting cloud computing and mobile devices;
  • High customisability;
  • Significant economic effect due to increased productivity and a rapid ROI.


1C:ERP budgeting tools include features for financial plan modeling, scheduling payments for sales 

and purchasing, funds expense controling, assessing effectiveness of business models used in  company.

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Finance Management

1C:ERP supports accounting and reporting according to IFRS as well as individual rules applied in a certain company.

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1C:ERP provides efficient manufacturing process management: from competent use of resources 

and cost reduction to flexible operational management and high quality customer service.

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Inventory and Warehousing

1C:ERP supports unlimited number of warehouses for a company, tracking product movement among warehouses,

inventory checking, serial number tracking, advanced level of inventory control.

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Expense Management and Product Costing

1C:ERP helps to record labor costs, material and financial expenses broken down by business areas,

which streamlines expense management and calculation of product release costs.

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1C:ERP treasury management features help efficiently manage funds in cash funds, banks, currencies, special and deposit 

accounts, and control company payments.

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1C:ERP provides a wide range of features to manage sales: from sending commercial offers to shipment and delivery of goods to customers.

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1C:ERP easy-to-use tools help you manage your customer database and track efficiency of your customer acquisition 

and retention strategies.

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1C:ERP provides full scope of capabilities for purchase management: from supplier selection and price monitoring

to making supply schedules and return registration.

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Maintenance and Repair

1C:ERP makes it possible to organize repair activity: keep accounting of facilities, operation indicators, repair activities; 

register facility defects, manage repair planning, generate repair orders.

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Key Performance Indicators

1C:ERP KPI management tools  help to timely identify difficulties at any stage of enterprise management, control implementation 

of targets, and analyze efficiency of key enterprise processes.

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