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With the Purchasing Module, you can easily manage purchases, suppliers, and receive inventory. New supplier invoices can be generated by copying an existing invoice or creating a new invoice from a purchase order. Built-in Purchase returns allow for credit memos and refunds that can be received against cash receipts.

Purchase Order

Rise Accounting can be easily set up so as to correspond to your business type. For example, a supplier can also be a customer. You can add new items even if they were not set up previously.

With Rise Accounting software, you can improve your Purchase Order document flow: just use Draft and Post commands to stay with an open Order until you are ready to proceed.

  • Editing existing Purchase Orders is intuitive. Besides, you can use history snapshot to undo any action or actions, or revert back to a specific time.

Goods Receipt and Return

Supplier Invoices are simple to enter from existing purchase orders or invoices. Each invoice screen consists of two tabs with a separate tab for expenses and items (for inventory or assets). Built-in controls ensure that user enters items in the Item tab and expenses in the Expenses tab. Tags help users allocate each line item or expense to a project.

Rise Accounting essentially streamlines creating of Purchase Returns, giving all options to automate the process:

  • Credit Memo/Refund
  • Supplier Invoice for the Return
  • Currency options
  • Flexibility to return without selecting a specific invoice