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Get empowered with the 1C Educational Opportunities Forum at 10h00 on Nov 25
We are excited to share that the "1C Educational Opportunities" Forum will take place at 10h00 on Thur, Nov 25. Learn more.

A virtual Africa-Asia digitization forum on Nov 10
A Virtual Africa-Asia digitization forum via Zoom will take place at 10h00 South African time
or 16h00 Malaysian time. Read on to learn more.

Become a developer with 1C Skills Camp
This is an exciting opportunity for students who are interested in expanding their development
skills and expertise. Read on to find out more.

[June-Sep 2021]: A Rise SA partnership update
An exciting Rise SA Partnership update. Check it out.

A new partner from Gauteng comes onboard
A partner from Gauteng comes onboard.

An update on the POPIA compliance
Here is an update on the POPIA compliance.

[Success story]: the Rise SA Team will implement 1C:ERP in the next 3 months
The Rise SA Team will implement 1C:ERP for a multi-tenant international customer

POPIA compliance - an invite to the Suppliers' Forum on the inventory management system
As PopIA act came into effect from July 01, see a short update on it from Rise SA.
A Suppliers' Forum will take place at 10h00 via Zoom next Wed, July 28. Read on to learn more details.

4 factors to consider when doing custom development for your company
Custom development if done properly take a company to the next level of development.
Read on to find out what factors should be considered when selecting the provider.

1C:Drive ERP - new release of the 1.3.12 version
A new version of 1C:Drive has been made live.

1C:ERP System — Core Processes and Operations Demo
1C:ERP is shown how it works on a specific use case. View more details.

Blazor Systems comes onboard as the Rise SA partner
Blazor Systems comes onboard as the Rise SA partner.

A Forum for colleges and education providers on May 18
The Rise SA Team is excited to share that we will host a Forum for colleges and education providers on May 18.

[An official letter for Schools]: "How the 043-Form and a budget work in RSM" course on March 11
This is for the third time that we are holding a “How an 043-Form and an approved budget work in the Rise system”. Read on to find out more details.

Accountants' Forum for Accountants and Financial Advisers Feb 03, 2021
Rise SA will host an Accountants' Forum via Zoom at 10h00 on Wed, Feb 03. Read on to find out more details.

[RSM Update#27]: learner data, Google Forms, another HS joins; live School Forums at Parow HS
Read on what schools have been up to; how learner data can be customized in RSM in a few clicks and more exciting updates.

[RSM Update#26]: Gartner's FrontRunners; 4 more new schools; marks module; the second intake of the 043-form course
Gartner names 1C:Enterprise as the FrontRunner in 2020; 4 new schools; marks module and more. Read on to find out more news on the Rise School Management's front.

[Rise School Management]: a live School Forum at Parow High School on Nov 18
A face-to-face offline School Forum is on the cards on Wed, Nov 18 at Parow High School dedicated to the all-in-one school management system, RSM.
Read on to find our details

[1C:Drive ERP]: a new release - version 1.3.6 - is live
1C:Drive ERP: a new version with even more exciting functionality is live. Find out more below.

[Gartner Software Advisory]: 1C:Enterprise becomes a FrontRunner at Gartner.com
1C:Enteprise platform was featured as a FrontRunner at Gartner.com. Read on more details.

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