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Before you start using the software you have to configure it properly. In some cases, however, more actions are required, including: personnel training, analysis, consulting and maintenance. In a word it can be called "implementation".

It is important to implement the software properly to make the solution effective and profitable. Our experts have unique experience in implementation and development of complex software solutions.

Whatever the project is, we always adhere to the following principles and policies:

·        Automation shall be built into company's normal operation without breaking its organizational and technical integrity.

·        Any project is divided into several small stages. At every stage it is possible to control progress made and make relevant modifications on the fly. This approach makes it possible to successfully execute even the most ambitious projects.

·        Every stage is subdivided into tasks under the principle "one task - one person responsible". This approach makes it possible to maintain conceptual integrity of the system as well as to distribute the work to the greatest possible extent and thereby reduce the development time.

·        We use standard practices and solutions proven through a number of projects. This reduces expenses related to development and maintenance of the solution.

The service includes:

·        Assessment of your business processes and technological base.

·        Deployment and customization of the software.

·        End user training.

·        Trial operation and software customization in accordance with your specific requirements.

·        Software commissioning.